Work Wardrobe: Style Arc Madeleine

On Wednesday, I posted about my work wardrobe plans for my new(ish) job. For me, the Style Arc Madeleine was the perfect work top.

Pattern: Style Arc's Madeleine Ponte Top
Fabric: crepe double knit
Cost: remnant from bridesmaids dresses (originally $4/yd)

I love that this pattern is interesting, with its tucks and waistband. It also makes it flattering, bringing in the fabric around the waist and releasing toward the bust. I also love that it is defined for comfy knit fabrics, and as a sleeveless top it fits easily under my blazer for meetings.

I didn't love the construction. I know Style Arc can be vague on instructions, and on a more complicated pattern it would have been nice to have a little more clarity. It also has you fold under the raw edge of the various pieces on the front, which to me seems like could have benefitted from at least some topstitching to fold it all in place. In fact, if you look closely you'll notice that I threw most of their construction ideas to the wind, leaving off an extraneous triangle piece and attaching the band as I saw fit. I'm not totally happy with the final details, as there seems to be some unnecessary bulk right there on the front of the shirt.

As a finished garment, though, I am quite happy. I have already worn it to a long day worth of meetings and was very comfortable and felt put together the whole time. First fall outfit - success!

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