From Costume to Coat

Halloween was fun. It also only lasts a day (or, if you're extra like me, a week). So this year I decided to plan a costume with a little more longevity. Mary Poppins, meet my new coat. 

Pattern: Burda's Misses' Jackets and Coats 6736 
Fabric: ~3 yds navy striped chevron wool jacquard from Mood
Cost: $100

For the basis of my Mary Poppins outfit, I treated myself to some nice wool jacquard from Mood (now out of stock). It has a wonderful chevron pattern in it from raised bits of yarn. Aside from matching the Mary Poppins Returns aesthetic, I really liked the style. By taking care to construct a solid garment that fit into my wardrobe, I knew I could come up with a garment that would last me well past October. 

The first step in making a Halloween costume that works as a regular outfit was to carefully consider what part of the outfit would be wearable in the long term. I knew the apron skirt probably wouldn't make it into my wardrobe (though I did get to wear it for Oktoberfest!). But that coat, which is arguably the most expensive and time-consuming part of the outfit, was something I wanted to last.

I also had to consider my style. Mary Poppins wears a more fitted style with 1940s flair. And don't forget that beautiful capelet. While I loved the original design, I knew a jacket like that wouldn't get much wear in my day-to-day life. Instead, I focused on some of the other design elements, starting with the collar shape, buttons, length, and color of the jacket. Once I had something I knew I'd wear, I modified it for the costume, adding a removable capelet and sinching it in with a belt to give it more of the costume shape. And for more regular wear, I love the more streamlined, boxy look of the original coat.  

The pattern is a printed Burda pattern sold through Simplicity. As far as coats go, it is really simple to make with just four pattern pieces not including the patch pockets. However, it doesn't contain pattern pieces or instructions for a lining, so I drafted those myself from the existing pieces. Why anyone would want to make a wool coat without a lining is beyond me, and I'm so glad I took the extra step. I also shortened the coat by about five inches and the sleeves by about two. Other than that, I sewed it up as-is.

I am already enjoying my new coat and so glad that it got to live this double life! Do you have any plans for re-using your costume pieces? 

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  1. great idea to make a coat that has more life in it than just a costume - really nice.


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