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Welp, it's been a busy coupla months. November started out with a work trip to a conference in Minneapolis. While I'd been to the conference before, it was my first time presenting. And I had A BLAST. My coworker and I brought some fun, quirky energy to what can sometimes be a more academic affair and we got great feedback. We're already brainstorming some ideas for next year. 

Of course, no sewist can go on a trip without making something new. I used the leftover from my Mary Poppins coat to make a cute pencil skirt that I wore for my big day. Of course I wore it with the coat :) 

Pattern: I don't remember? 
Fabric: ~1yd navy striped chevron wool jacquard from Mood
Cost: remnant

The skirt is made from a basic pencil skirt pattern in my stash - I honestly don't remember which one. I think I actually pulled a few out of my stash and, seeing that the sizing and darts were basically the same, used one. I did taper it at the sides to make it more pencil-shaped. I like that it doesn't have a waistband so the print wasn't interrupted and the construction was quick. I also added in slash pockets because every presenter needs a place to stash her pens. You can see me with my hand tucked into them below. 

My one mistake was to not include a walking vent. I had intended to do one, but I think I got lazy during construction and convinced myself there was enough walking room. Well, let me tell you that walking around your apartment is very different than trecking all over a convention center! My stride was definitely reduced and I may have to open this back up to add a back slit. Other than that though it was very comfortable and wearable all day. I also love that it is wool because it was 9 degrees when I landed in Minnesota! It was also lined which kept everything tidy and in place. 

Also new for this outfit is my third or fourth Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee. I wear my other two ALL the time (wearing one now) and thought I'd add a white one to the mix. I really like it with this skirt, though the fabric has a bit less drape than is ideal. I also cropped it a bit much, but luckily it has a wide hem so I will just have to re-hem it longer now that it's been through the wash a few times. 

When I got back from Minneapolis at the start of November we had already moved out of our place to start a much-anticipated bathroom remodel. It is starting to look amazing but getting your only bathroom stripped down to the studs is no joke! We've been living with various friends for a total of six weeks now and very much looking forward to moving back in at the end of this week. It will be our Christmas present! Needless to say there has been no sewing during this time, but I have just finished a big knitting project. And, of course, I will share some bathroom pics with you once it's done :) 

All in all it's been a big few months but lots to be excited for!

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  1. You certainly got your mileage out of that fabric! Love the idea of slash pockets, you really can't see them until you're using them. And I am entirely sympathetic to your bathroom reno tale, having just lived through one myself.


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