Quarantine Jeans

There's probably a lot I could say about the coronavirus and the impact on our world. But for now I'll just let you know that I'm doing fine and we're hunkered down sheltered in place, privileged to continue working and crafting and living mostly as before. I have been very much looking for non-virus related sources of entertainment and so that's what I'll share with you today - my new pants. I mean, these hems are wide enough to keep people 6 feet away, amiright? 

Fabric: chambray
Cost: gifted fabric from my mom

You probably know me as a skinny jeans girl, which is also why I'm a bit late to the wide-legged pants trend. But once I decided to go for it, I decided to REALLY go for it with the widest pattern in my stash. This is McCalls 7789, which I had originally bought to use part of for another project. They include a pair of very wide-legged trousers that are meant as part of a jumpsuit. Oh man are they wide! 

To make these, I borrowed the waistband from another pattern and added a front fly zip. I also knew I wanted to crop them. And then, during my first try on, I realized that they may actually be a bit too wide for a first-timer like me (remember JNCOs? yeah, they felt like that). So this is actually with about 5 inches front and back taken off the outer leg seam. I wouldn't necessarily recommend altering them just from the side seam, as that probably thew off the grainline a bit. But, these are actually a wearable muslin for a two-piece set I was planning to make for a wedding, so I didn't mind playing with them a bit.

For the next version, I will most like use a different pattern in my stash (I own the True Bias Emersons, so that could be a good start). I love the pleat on these but the hemline is too wide as drafted and the pants also have a very low crotch, almost like a harem pant. 

My husband is still very skeptical but I actually love the final result. They are very comfortable to wear and feel like an interesting new shape for me. 

I made these up in a dark chambray fabric, which is more like a shirting weight than bottom weight. Normally I wouldn't recommend this for pants as they don't always hold up to daily wear, but since these are almost more like a skirt I figured there wouldn't be as much strain on the seams. The waistband and waistband lining are fully interfaced to give it the needed heft there. All seams were French seamed and then topstitched with orange thread for that jeans look. My next pair will be in a similar weight fabric so that was also nice to test out. 

While I have very much enjoyed staying home and sewing, I am realizing that it has its limits. Where am I supposed to wear all my new clothes? I'm certainly not the type to dress up to stay home. I will very much enjoy going out with friends for a cocktail in my new pants once we get through this. 

Stay strong out there! 


  1. These are cute. The last two pairs of pants (and my first pair of jeans) that I have made have been wide legged crops. I love them so much. Happy sewing.

  2. Looking good! and also good thing you made them in a lightweight fabric. If in thicker denim I think they would be like a suit of armor. Yes I am dreaming of the day when we all can wear our stay-at-home sewing results out on the town! see you soon I hope :)


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