Elastic-Waist Pants for Pear-Shapes

Like everyone else during this pandemic, I've gotten super into elastic waist pants. My favorite style is the one that has a flat front and elastic in the back. That way you can at least pretend they're grown-up pants, there's less bulk, and they're actually a bit more comfortable this way. 

Pattern: Papercut Patterns Palisade Pants
Fabric: chambray and cotton
Cost: $20 (jeans), $40 (wide-leg)

The most popular pattern for this style is probably the Closet Core Pietra Pants. I own that pattern and like it. But if you have a high waist to hip ratio/are pear-shaped, the pattern doesn't work as well. You either have to add more gathers in the back or add a closure like a zip. 

So I started looking for an alternative and found one in the Papercut Patterns Palisade Pants. It's very similar to the Closet Core Pietra in that it has a front pattern piece, a back, and a side piece where the pocket is folded in. The difference is that the Pietras are elasticized on the back only, while the Palisade Pants are elasticized in the back and side. This means they can stretch wider over my hips but still fit snuggly at the waist. You could modify the Pietras to do this, too, but the Palisades are especially designed for this with their double slanted pocket which ingeniously allows the pants to expand a bit as you put them on. 

I fell between size 3 and 4 and ended up cutting out a size 4. I'm glad I sized up because I saw some complaints online that the pattern is graded a bit snug at the hips. I ended up grading the pattern down at the waist but keeping the hip size and it worked well for me. I also cut the elastic much smaller than recommended, but I imagine elastic varies a lot depending on the type you're using. 

I made up my first pair in chambray and they were quickly my favorite pair of pants. They are easy to wear and pair with everything. I added back pockets for even more pockets and an elasticized cuff for funsies. I will note that I cut the front pockets a bit differently than recommended to make them single layer - less fabric and less bulk. 

The one disadvantage of the Palisade Pants compared to the Pietra Pants for me is that they only have one cut, whereas the Pietras offer both a wide-leg and a narrow option. I widened my pattern pieces myself based on other wide-leg pants I liked and made myself a second version. I also cut a single pocket rather than double front pockets to switch it up. The fabric is a really beautiful yarn-dyed cotton that feels really summery. 

So I can basically throw out all my skinny jeans now as this is all I wear. If you've been eyeing this style and are pear-shaped, I recommend checking out the Palisade Pants. 

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  1. Thank you! I'm pretty sure these are the pants pattern I've been looking for. I am definitely pear shaped, and even more so since carrying babies. Finding pants - ready to wear or self made - that fit both my waist and my hips is such a huge headache. These look great.


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