Ruby Star's Warp and Weft

I'm currently obsessed with Ruby Star Society's Warp and Weft Fabric. To my count, I've made at least four things with it this year, including this latest project. Designed by Alexia Marcelle Abegg, I love these soft and drapey fabrics, with yarn-dyed flats creating beautiful geometric designs.

Pattern: McCall's Misses' Dresses #7969
Fabric: 2yds Ruby Star Society Warp & Weft Wovens in Parade Lavender
Cost: $30

The pattern for this is McCall's 7969, which has to be one of their most popular of the year. Honestly, I passed it over the first time I saw as a somewhat boring, loose-fitting dress. However, it's Instagram fame was such that you keep seeing more beautiful and beautiful versions until it slowly wears you down and you're hoping over to the site to buy it at full price. Ok I probably bought it on sale. 

You'll notice that this is, in fact, a top and not a dress. Something that is much more likely to get worn by me. And while I long ago tried to stop by quilting cottons for garments, I have more recently learned that I do like the occasional button-up and wrap top, so I think this will be ok for me. Lord knows I have worn it a lot already this fall. 

Its best feature is definitely those sleeves. The opening is slightly tilted at the cuff and they have beautiful full gathers at both the cuff and the shoulder. The neckline sits nice and wide on the shoulders but somehow stays in place. Of course, I had to reinsert my neckline binding after I stretched in out, but the second (third?) time worked well. As others have done, I sewed a few stitches at the bust to keep the wrap in place. And next time I may cut it a tad longer but even with two yards I barely squeezed this out of my fabric. Those sleeves are a beast. 

Anyway, I think it looks nice with my new backdrop. And also for pumpkin carving. And Thanksgiving. I may have worn this to every occasion since I made it in late October. 


  1. This is just darling on you and I love the idea of this dress as a top. Thanks for sharing this.

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