Pillows are a cheap and easy way to update your living room or bedroom. Because I'm moving soon (and just generally feeling like I want to shake things up in my living room), I have been eyeing a ton of cute pillows lately. From what I can tell from my collection below, I like organic shapes. Because these are often hard to find in a fabric, here are some creative ideas for getting a cute, pillow-sized design:

This one is a cute use of prints to make a design. I can't tell if it is an apliqué or a cut-out design, but either way would do the trick. Check out Joe Dewberry's Sewing Spaces for more inspiration, including the yummy upholstered chair on the book's cover.

I like the flower on this one, and it doesn't seem too hard to pull off. Plus the neutral colors keep you from getting sick of the pillow too fast, so your hard work won't go to waste.

Here's another take on the flower, this time in an all-over printed pattern. 

While I don't really like the colors of this one, I did think it was a cool idea to do colorful embroidery or an apliqué over a black and white pattern.

This pattern I thought was especially beautiful. I'm also a sucker for reds, so who knows.

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