I'm a jeans kinda girl. But not a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. To dress up my look, I like a good top and some cute flats, an outfit that can go to work (with dark jeans or some wide-legged trousers), out for a drink with the girls, or just looks every-day pulled-together. And so I present to you my ever-growing inspiration board of cute top ideas. Most of them are selected because they are innovative, relatively simple, or just plain look nice. And for more inspiration, here are the tops I've already made.

Here's a shirt from Target that I liked becuase it was super simple but super cute. It's a basic sleeveless shirt but has a little ruffle along the collar. I would have never thought to just add a partial ruffle, but it works. I would also definitely do it in the same color as the shirt to avoid looking too much like a clown.

This is another variation on the collar decoration. The detailing is done with what looks like loops of bias tape, fastened after each look around the colar and then spiraling down the shirt.

This collar is finished using multiple layers of bias tape. I am not so confident that I could get the bias tape to stand up straight that way, but it is a neat idea for finishing raw seams at the neckline (and armholes).

I like the contrast on this blouse. Might be good to work in up in the Wenland Blouse pattern à la oranereuland style.

While not exactly a wear-to-work type of top, this is another creative use of bias tape to finish the raw edges of a shirt. This would be a good time to do a little variation on the Hong Kong seam.

I like these flowers as a simple decoration. You can make your own like this person did, or use the store-bought trim in the lace section that is basically a chain of pre-made flowers. 

I also love good details sewn right in to the shirt. Here's a cute example. Doing a narrow zigzag stitch instead of a straight stich (or stitching with a double needle) would help this top maintain its stretch.
Here's another take on this idea, where the shirt is wrapped instead of sewing on the details:

Here's a pattern much like the one I'm going to use for my Geometric Blouse (hers may have turned out cuter).

I also love sleeves. This design seems to be really in right now, but I haven't loved it until I saw this.

I've also noticed a strange attraction to prints:

I would love to make this one if I could only find a fabric that was varied like this, with a pattern on the top and a solid on the botton.

And lastely, who can resist the whimsy of this fun shirt?

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