Graduation Dress

Pattern: Colette Patterns Macaron dress
Fabric: gold tulle and blue polyester peachskin
Cost: $20

Bonus: Check out my dress on the Colette blog!

Well, it's that time of year, and as soon as I hand in my last papers on April 30th I will have 18 days to ponder my graduation look. Of course, while my hair will instantly be plastered below a graduation cap and my dress hidden from view under my boyfriend's old graduation gown, a nice graduation dress is still in order. Luckily I have the perfect pattern. Colette Patterns come beautifully packaged with a retro vibe, and I picked one up the other day to try out.

For the two tones, I'd like to make it blue and gold, which are my school colors, of course!. I plan to make the top part out of a lacy mesh and the botton out of something a little heavier, giving it that subtle hint of skin while still remaining conservative for the impending family celebration. I'll keep you posted. But first: papers to write!

And now... the dress:

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my creation. The gold almost disappears against my skin, leaving a hint of glitter. And it doesn't slip down across my chest! The pockets are an added bonus, something no dress should be without. I originally added the sleeves, but ended up taking them off and leaving the neckline and shoulders unfinished. This made the look much more sheer, and since the tulle doesn't ravel, it wasn't a problem in the least. Of course, the neckline top seems to be a bit of problem with this dress, and some added interfacing didn't seem to do the trick. Nevertheless, I definitely plan on using this pattern in various forms again, especially the great pleating and hidden pockets (like for the skirt on my Spring Dress).

Check out my review of this pattern at

Check it out at BurdaStyle!


  1. You are such a perfect model! ;)

  2. I gotta tell you that your version of this dress is FABULOUS! I'm not a fan of this pattern and don't like the style/any stitched up versions of this at all except for yours (I'm in the minority, huh ;) !). But when you work it with tulle and make it resemble a strapless just as you have done, it's perfectly charming. It looks great on you!

  3. Hi Meg. I am in love with this dress! I love the gold mesh effect.. I'm trying to find one similar on Etsy to give me that look. Would you be able to tell me if any of these are similar to what you have used? since I can't get a close-up of the mesh, I don't know what type i need to look for... thanx!! :)

  4. Hi Rebecca! In color I'd say the last two are closest to what I used. In reality I used a pretty cheap fabric from Joann's for my dress, and all of these look much better quality--so you'll probably be better off! In texture, I would say the more drapey and less stiff the better it will feel. It's hard to tell from those listings what the fabrics will feel like, but it looks like the 1st and 3rd ones look the least stiff. Can't wait to see your final product!


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