Draped Shirt

Pattern: McCall's M6034 Misses' Tunic
Fabric: Rayon Spandex
Cost: $25

This is the kind of garment that, if you are out of things to wear, you can sit down and whip up a new top in a matter of hours and wear it out that same night. I started at 8pm and was wearing it at a party by 10:30. Seriously, it is that easy. That said, I made a few alterations. I did not fold the band under the shirt but rather attached it upside down--closed seam at the bottom and raw edges to the garment--to avoid bulk and give it a nice band at the bottom. Also, it bothers me to just leave raw edges out there like that. That being said, I was in a rush to go to the party and didn't get around to hemming the sleeves. Being a Spandex shirt, it doesn't ravel, so I might just leave it like that.

You can check out my review of this pattern at PatternReviews.com.

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