Pattern: Vogue Misses' Dress 1174
Fabric: 3/4 yd fake fur, some satin and felt, and a little bit of fringe trim
Cost: $36

While the pattern is intermediate skill-wise, the fake fur, eyes and mouth details, and improvisation required makes this a project for an experienced sewer. Especially the fake fur.

Update: This costume won third place in PatternReview's costume contest!

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and my boss gave me Monday off... so that means Halloween costume planning is in progress!

After several lukewarm ideas, I was particularly inspired by this Etsy seller. Her garments are realistic yet amazing interpretations of animals, musical instruments, even food! I have therefore narrowed my costume ideas down to two things: I'll either be a monster or a cupcake (the gumball machine comes in a close third).

I used my Vogue pattern as a base to sketch up some ideas. Check them out:

Option 1, monster:

Option 2, cupcake:

Which should it be?? Or do I let the fabric store decide?

Update: After an overwhelmingly pro-cupcake response, I did the only logical thing and chose to make a monster. The pattern called to me more--with more details, and more Halloween theme-ness.

Now my apartment is covered in orange monster hair.

sewing the monster hair
googly eyes
the mouth

the face
it looks like a monster is eating my machine...
I'm not going to lie, sewing this thing was not always easy. But so much fun!

playing with the skirt
the finished product!

More monster inspiration:

You can check out my review of this pattern at PatternReviews.com, where I got third place in the costume contest!

Check it out at BurdaStyle!


  1. I am in LOVE with this! What a great idea and it turned out amazing! Go you for being so freakin' clever! :)

  2. You totally stole these ideas from my roommate!!! Not only did you steal the moster dress:

    Your sketch of the cupcake dress is an exact rip-off of hers!

    Both of which she posted over a year ago.
    We are all inspired by others, but at least give your creative credit where it's due.

  3. Hey Bethany! I love your roommate's stuff--so creative! I link to her four times in the post, where I said I was particularly inspired by her. So don't worry, I try to give credit where credit is due :)

  4. Sorry I was a little hasty! Thank you for giving her credit.

  5. I just found your post from patternreview.com regarding this dress. So cute and delightful! I absolutely love it!

    It's unfortunate that people are too quick to point fingers and say "stolen" - where you clearly gave inspirational credit to a seller that is no longer on Etsy anyway. All ideas are inspired akin to a chain reaction of creativity, making finger pointing of who had a particular idea "first", rather absurd.

    Great job and a great placement in the contest!

  6. Not to mention that we alll seem to be inspired by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Fall 2008 dress...



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