My Cousin

Well, it is no secret in the family that my mother is Martha Stewart reincarnated. If she didn't swear a little, her perfection might be unbearable. But her mother was no Sally homemaker--we deemed her "Margaret Stewart" on her 80th birthday mostly in jest. While my mom was hand-sewing her own red disco outfit in high school, my grandmother's sense of home style involved sticking fall leaves to the counter top using contact paper. But despite this upbringing, the creative spirit seems to have survived in my family.

This past weekend, as I wore my new dress to my cousin's wedding, I was greeted by another up-and-coming family designer: my cousin Tricia's daughter Sarah. At eight years old, she, too, made herself a festive fall dress, with a little help from Aunt Kath. She paired her fierce ensemble with some Suri Cruise-style silver heels, and poses like a pro. Get it, girl!

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