Three Time's a Charm Undies

Pattern: my own
Materials: some sort of synthetic stretch netting, decorative elastic, Wash-Away Wonder Tape
Cost: $5

I used to think of knitting as a learning experience. Every time I made a new thing I would learn something new, like circular knitting (it doesn't just mean that the needles are round), gauge, cables, double knitting...

I am learning that the same thing goes for sewing. After my first slew of cotton lycra garments, I eventually learned that putting a zipper in wasn't so bad after all, and that garments can still be quick and fun, even when they don't stretch. After a long time, I even began to admit that a failed project is ok, because it can lead to a not-so-failed (or even good) one. 

This is the third version of this pair of underwear, made over three nights. In the first one I learned how to adjust stitch length and tension on my serger (and that patience is a virtue I don't yet possess). In the second I reminded myself that woven garments don't work with patterns made for knits (and also that Wash-Away Wonder Tape goes bad if left in the sun, but that's another story). The third one was nice, but still a tad too small to really be comfortable. Did I say third's a charm? Well, I really meant fourth--had to be a perfectionist. The fourth pair was juuuust right. I feel like a modern-day Goldilocks.

Me in my natural habitat, making patterns on my bed/drafting table.
This underwear has to be laaarge (yup, even bigger than this).

To do the serged edges, I cut 5/8" extra seam allowance on all sides. and traced a line at 5/8". Adjusted tension, sewed.

And voila!

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  1. Love how you model your underwear. This pair look so sexy!


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