Woven Dress

Pattern: Simplicity's Miss/ Miss Petite Special Occasion Dresses #4070
Fabric: Woven cotton
Cost: $5

While buying the fabric for my Glasses and Gold Blazer, I also stopped in the sale section to see if I could pick up some prints on the cheap. While I was inspired by the bright colors of Vogue's spring collection, I found myself drawn to the black and white prints. I ended up getting a yard of woven fabric for $5, and a 1/4 yard of black and white mesh for some undies.

I was excited about this project because, aside from being cheap (!), it allowed my to try out my new Simplicity dress pattern with contour bust. Unfortunately, this was when I realized I had picked up the plus size pattern, and so I had to take it in. After some calculations, I decided I was a size six at the bust and 10 at the hips. Even with this, I still had to take it in at the bust. As a note, I also took the hemline at the bust waaay lower, because the actual pattern has a verrry high neckline. Overall, I was able to squeeze the whole thing on to a yard of fabric, with some alterations and manuevering. The stripes are horizontal on the bodice and vertical on the skirt, which was intentional. The seamline down the middle of the bodice was not so intentional.

I was pleasantly surprised by the back detail of this dress, which zips halfway up the back and then has a slit. I didn't read any of the directions, but eyeballed the zipper placement and closed it with a button and buttonhole. I think they used a loop for the buttonhole in the pattern.

It's only February but gorgeous out! While the rest of the country is covered in snow, it topped 70 today. :P

You can read the review of this pattern at PatternReview.com.

And check it out at BurdaStyle!


  1. i love this dress! i got the pattern and fabric for it after seeing this post ! i want to lower the neckline like urs, can u explain how this change can be done on the pattern?

  2. Thanks Rebecca! To lower the neckline, all I did was take my measurements to see how low I wanted it and then drew the neckline onto the fabric and cut. You could also take a pattern that has a neckline that you like and trace it onto the pattern. You would then modify any facings/lining to match, and complete the directions as written. Good luck!

  3. K this is adorable! My gosh, I love the vertical and horizontal stripes, and I LOVE the peeping keyhole in the back. I also can't believe you only used one yard of fabric, especially with the nap. Goodness girl, you need to show me your ways. haha that is something I need to get better at.


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