Summer Blouse

Pattern: Titus's Summer Blouse

As I mentioned earlier, I went fabric shopping with my mommy and we picked up some fun stuff. She got the Titus Six-Gored Petal Skirt and some denim fabric.

But wait! you say. This isn't a skirt! Turns out the pattern had been packaged wrong and my dear mother ended up with Summer Blouse instead. She sent the package back to me to exchange, but being the crafty little witch that she is she traced the pattern before sending it back. And so now she has a beautiful blouse. Don't worry, mommy, I'll send you the skirt pattern soon!

Of the pattern she says: "The front and back pieces are identical so you can wear either side in front, which might make for some interesting options next time I make this. It has a yoke and a front (and back!) "pleat." You can make it longer as a dress. This was made from 100% cotton but next time I might use something with a little stretch."

Isn't she lovely?

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