You Know You Like to Sew When...

You know you like to sew when...

  • You'd rather resew a button on your new store-bought pants than put on a belt.
  • When you prick you finger, you're more worried about getting blood on the garment than the hole in your hand. (And here's a tip in case that happens.)
  • You spend more on fabric than you do on groceries each month, and you would rather sew clothes than make dinner (see... I'm only halfway domestic).
  • You don't have a desk or a library, but you do have a sewing table and a fabric stash.
  • When your friend asks you to take that bothersome tag off her shirt, you bust out the seam ripper.
  • Instead of socks and Christmas sweaters, the gifts you've received for the last three birthdays, holidays and special occasions have been unassembled clothing (i.e. fabric and notions).
  • When you are planning a vacation, you start thinking of what you need to make not what you need to pack.
  • Your friends and coworkers ask you so often if you made what you are wearing that sometimes, when you didn't, you lie and say yes anyway.
  • When you go to the doctor, for once you are glad that you are getting pricked with a needle on purpose.
  • When you go shopping, you spend more time and energy taking pictures of inspiration than you do actually purchasing anything (and it has to be something that you couldn't "easily make myself anyway.")

Anybody else got any?

1 comment:

  1. ...When you procrastinate on writing a paper because you want to finish your latest sewing masterpiece.

    ...When your family tells you..."Enough material already!"

    ...When you think that you could have constructed that RTW dress SOOO much better.



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