Halloween Inspiration

Making your own Halloween costume is both incredibly fun and a design challenge. On one end, you're sewing googly eyes and satin teeth onto a Vogue dress pattern, and on the other you must make sure that you can actually walk (and dance!) in your mermaid tail.

This year I have decided to go with a cupcake costume, an idea I'd seen around the webs last year. The challenge with the cupcake is to make it realistic (and delicious) while still allowing you to move about and not look like a hideous blob. I had a few inspirations. Here's a look into my cupcake lookbook:

I was originally inspired by devaniweaver's design on Etsy. But hers is more of a reference to a cupcake than an actual costume.

This year, I found a more realistic version cooked up by the Food Network. With stuffing and some fabric, I could make rolls of icing and a paper cup out of pleated silver lame. The problem with this one, however, is you are literally adding rolls to your stomach. Maybe not the most attractive...

Some other options include felt layers and satin (vegan) frosting.

And then I found two more versions (adult and child) sold online. These gave me some more concrete ideas about how to construct mine: shoulder straps, delicate tulle instead of stuffing, and sprinkles! Don't forget the cherry on top.

Of course, the lovely Miss Katy Perry provides some candy-coated inspiration. I'll skip the whipped cream bra, but maybe borrow some of her chiffon layers, which would make a nice icing tube top.

The chiffon idea led me to be inspired by Kaiya Eve's girls' pettiskirts (apparently all the rage with the under 10 crowd) for the frosting, as made by Martha StewartMake It and Love It, and Made By Bronwyn. I first saw it on Grosgrain, who recommends you purchase chiffon on the cheap from AFC-Express.

To top it all off, a lot of the costumes online have some sort of headpiece, be it a cherry or even a smaller cupcake. My favorite is the birthday candle. And this website has a whole index of cupcake costumes.

So far, my shopping list includes:

Some inspired trimmings for sprinkles, cherries and the like


At least 3 yards of nylon chiffon (which doesn't ravel) 

+         .

And some shiny pleated lame (wow, this just gets classier by the minute).

Now, let's just make sure I don't end up like this girl! Soo uninspired.


  1. Can't wait to see how it all comes out, I've thought of making a cup cake costume before too... but star wars often wins out over cutesy things :)

  2. Hmm, Mollys seem to like cupcakes. That will be an awesome costume and I can't wait to see what yours looks like!


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