Flighty Birds Blazer

Fabric: 2 yds cotton voile + 2 yds satin polyester lining
Cost: $45

I'm fond of off-beat prints, but so far I've struggled with blazer patterns. First off they put darts, princess seams, and back pleats all over my wonderful fabric! And, sadly, my store-bought blazers have fit better than anything I've made myself. So, in typical Meg fashion, I charted my own course, combining the pattern pieces so that there was only a front and a back--no princess seams, no darts. I then plunged my way into the lining, a first for me as far as making blazers go. I took my own shortcuts, did things my way. It was a bit bumbly. And then, after shortening it, I couldn't properly reattach the collar. The result is a little home-ec.

As you can tell, making this blazer was a struggle. I was first inspired by the Topshop version, which I'd seen around the 'net. I bought the fabric a month or two later, and it wasn't cheap. But then it sat on my shelf as I waffled back and forth about whether it was really appropriate for a blazer or not. Even as I brought the fabric back out I wavered once more, and it sat in my room for a couple more days. And when I'd finally made the blazer, I decided it needed to be a couple of inches shorter--four and a half, to be exact.

The inspiration:

My trip to the X Generation store and it's amazing prints renewed my conviction to finally make up this one.

I decided that if I had seen this blazer in the store I would have loved it, but immediately after sewing it I was so frustrated with its little quirks that I put it back on my dress form to wait until morning. It was then that I tried it on, the smooth lining gliding over my arms, the print dancing as I buttoned it. I think it will do all right. Not really birds in flight, but maybe I'll call it flighty birds.

Read my review of this pattern at PatternReview.com.


  1. I love how you use unconventional prints on conventional pieces! Super cute!

  2. I am seriously in the middle of doing this EXACT same thing except with the colors switched (white birds on navy fabric).

  3. ooh Alyssa send me a link when you finish. I'd love to see it!


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