Apartment Decorating

Well folks, I got that little apartment I was eyeing. It's not huge but it is a little place to call my own in a great location. And to really make it my own (and make use of that precious space), I have been dreaming up some decorating ideas. And when I say "eyeing" and "dreaming," I really mean obsessing, because that's what I do. Here are my thoughts:

Color Palette: 
1. Digs Digs
2. Ginny Phillips Photography
3. Design Sponge
4. Anatomy of Style
5. Bedroom Interior Design
6. Meadow Lake Cottage

Layout: Open Layout
Thanks for helping me decide!


 Living Area:
1. Couch next to bed: Late Afternoon
2. Color/pillow inspiration: We Love Domino
3. End table as coffee table: BonBon Rose Girls
4. Wall: shadow boxes from current place
+ Rail Lighting?

Bed Area:
1. Drapes: Free Home Decorating Ideas
+ Wall Vases?
+ Wall Art?

1. Closet: The Decorista
2. Paper Chandelier: The Pink Chalkboard
3. Wallpaper: Premier Prints
4. Ladder for scarf and belt storage: I'm Glad I Exist
5. Framed Fuse Box: Real Life, Real Estate, Real Drama 
+ Garment Rack or Tension Rod for long coats and dresses
+ 2nd Closet Pole for two levels of pants and shirts
+ Billy Bookcase for sweaters
+ Floating Wall Shelves for plastic storage bins
+ Existing Shelf for suitcases

Sewing Studio:
1. Wall Inspiration: Flickr,
2. Hanging tool system: Colette (system from Ikea)
2. Framed sewing samples (maybe with tutorials): The Decorista
3. Sewing Room: The Decorista
4. Sewing art: Half a Crown
+ Skruvsta chair: Ikea (buy used)

1. Jewelry Storage: Mona Luna Design
2. Extra Shelving: Suite Revival
3. Mirror Backdrop: Style House Reality
+ Wall Vases?

1. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack: Ikea Hackers
2. Custom Table: Ikea Hackers
3. Window Herb Garden: Ikea Hackers
+ Cleaner Storage: Real Simple
+ Pot and Pan Storage: Martha Stewart


  1. I love your color palette, I have a very similar one! I love brights. Cozumel by Behr paints is the perfect shade of aqua, it's what my living room was painted

  2. I love how you choose to put things together. It's like art on paper. It's really about the right choice of color combination, storage and accessories. I believe these are all necessary to produce a great look for an apartment just like what you're able to achieve.


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