Me Made May: Week 3

Week 3! This week, I've been noticing how wearing me-made clothes definitely has me dressing up more. Collared shirts and skirts to work, dresses and blazers on the weekend. The biggest challenge has been finding things to wear on lazy days. Like Friday, when I overslept and just wanted to throw on something quick and comfy--I just don't make many pajamas or stay-at-home clothes. But better to put effort into a nice garment than the shirt you wear on laundry day. It does make Me Made May a little more challenging, but a whole lot prettier!

da Vinci Blouse
Paper Bag Skirt

Foliage Capelet
Glasses and Gold Blazer

Winter Casual Striped Dress

Mustard Fall Dress
Spring Dress

1 comment:

  1. Love your combinations . . . I don't know how to do that but am taking notes and trying. I grew up in an era of "matching" and that is so old. Love the fancy with the jeans and different shoes. Awesome!
    Love, MOM


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