Bra Quest 2013


All these handmade bras and sewalongs lately had me craving my own version (that's my pinspiration board, above). The lace, the details, the fit! Oh my!

Now, at the risk of sounding like a bit of a hippie (which I may or may not be anyway), I don't really like wearing bras. I have small cups so I don't really need the support, and I hate the feeling of my girls jammed in between underwires and padding. It's downright uncomfortable! However, it seems that society has a preference for the shape of a woman's breasts, and going bra-less to the office would not only be considered vulgar but might also make me feel a little uncomfortable and over-exposed. It's an unfortunate state!

So, one bra at a time, I am embarking on a journey to make my own bra, my way. To do this, I will sew my way through five bras:

  • A vintage bra
  • A copy of a RTW bra
  • A bra pattern from the big 4
  • A bra pattern from a smaller pattern company
  • And (hopefully) my dream bra using whatever works best from the previous four!

I have experimented with bralettes before, but the goal of this adventure will be to have a comfortable, supportive bra I to wear on the regular. Wish me luck!


  1. Are you thinking of the Kwik Sew patterns as your "Big 4" choice? I'm a fan of the Elan patterns as well. Sew Sassy has a good selection of both KS and Elan bra patterns, fabrics and notions.

  2. Welcome to the world of bra making, where elastic and stretch fabrics rule. As you sew your five types of bras, know that I'll be right there with you, except I'm on my own adventure to perfect my bra pattern.

  3. How exciting! I've been looking at bra patterns too, though I have no immediate plans. I'm looking forward to hearing what works for you. Good luck!

  4. Ladies, yes! Any support is welcomed and loved (teehee. bras. support.)! I am thinking of Kwik Sew 3300 for the big 4, and was thinking Pin-Up Girls 1200 based on Cloth Habit's recommendation, but I will check out Elan as well. Any that work well for smaller girls?

    And Madalynne, I was hoping you were developing a bra pattern. If you're planning on making it public, I'd love to test it out some day!

  5. Do you follow Very Purple Person? (
    She has made a ton of super cute bras. Every time I see a bra post on her blog, I'm inspired to try it out.

  6. Oh yes, hers our amazing! I must remember to scour her posts for some nuggets of wisdom.

  7. I'm not the best qualified to speak on behalf of my smaller cup sisters. 510 is a front closure I have made (although I'm at the edge of their sizing) and liked. If you don't like underwires, maybe a full band bra without wires would suit you better. 645 can be done without wires but it's got some serious retro shaping (although possibly less in smaller cup sizes).

  8. thanks for the link and the info. i'm definitely leaning more towards elan now...

  9. and i'm definitely thinking more about underwires now...

  10. I still think of myself as small-cupped, even though I've expanded to the verge of a C-cup, but I also so much prefer going braless with a camisole for modesty. I consider that good enough for the office. I'm sure people can tell that I'm not wearing a bra, but I don't think its any of their business. I can understand that not everyone feels comfortable doing that, though. I've never had a bra with a perfect fit, if I can get them tight enough that they're not slipping around, they feel like they're pinching. Loosen them up for comfort and then I'm adjusting them as the straps slide off my shoulders or my band twists or rides up.

  11. Thanks for commenting! I know that (in San Francisco) I could definitely get away with wearing just a camisole underneath to the office, and your experience is inspiring. I guess I'm not ready to make the break yet, and part of me still wants to have that bit of lift ;) I think this whole process will definitely make me think through this decision more, too.

  12. I want to make 2 different things and is hopes you might offer some insight.
    1. Bandeau swimsuit top with a twist at the cleavage. Here is a link
    2. A lycra knit beanie for men, that fits snug for wearing with or without a (bike/motorcyle)helmet.
    3. a halter top from deerskin . I saw one thats fitted from several pieces of leather, just tying in the back to fit everyone. Here is a link
    Thanks, MJ

  13. Hi Mary Jane, Sounds like you have a lot of fun projects planned! I think the easiest way to start sewing something new might be to follow a pattern - choose one that works for stretch fabrics for the bathing suit and beanie, and one for woven fabrics for the halter top if you want to work with something like deer skin. Then you can customize the pattern to get the look you want! Here are some patterns that might work for you:

    For the swim suit:

    For the beanie

    For the halter top (view b)

    Good luck, and if you make anything, let me know!


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