Whales Sweater!

Pattern: self drafted, with shaping based on Knit.1's Turtleneck, and whale pattern inspired by New England Knits's Whale Watch Hat
Yarn: Vanna's Choice Yarn in Scarlett and White
Cost: $32

I originally started this sweater for Valentine's Day last year (yup, that's 2012). It originally had little hearts where the whales were. The night before, I tried it on, decided it didn't quite fit, and decided to frog the whole thing. In its next incarnation, the sweater became a whale sweater, and I love it in all its ridiculousness! 
I knit up the front and back pretty quick, and then waited a whole year to do the sleeves. 

What got me knitting it back up again was Design*Sponge's January Knitting Challenge. Alas, they announced the event halfway through the month, which isn't much time to knit much of anything. They also made it an Instagram challenge, and I don't have the phone with the internets. Nevertheless, it inspired me to get started again, and I finished this one in February. I'm also making some progress on my resolution to clean out my UFO/mend-it basket by the end of the year!

Here's the finished thing. The fit is great, it's warm and comfy, and absolutely silly. Soon to be a weekend favorite.

Mostly for my reference, but if anyone is interested in trying their own, let me know...
CO 64 sts.
Join in the round. Work 10 rows in 1x1 rib.
Increase row: *k2, m1 by knitting into front and back of 3rd st, repeat from * to end (85).

Make intarsia. starting with p side. I never made a chart, but here's the whale pattern:

Decrease 1 sts each side after first three zig-zag lines.
Don't decrease after 2nd whale row
Increase 1 st on each side after next "small hearts" row
After 3rd whale row, work two rows (remembering to increase), and begin arm hole shaping:

Armhole shaping:
BO 2 sts at the beg of the next 2 rows (remembering to con't small hearts pattern)
Dec 1 st each side of every other row 3 times.

Place the stitches for the front on holder.
Work back stitches in pattern until armhole measures 6 1/2 inches (just after last row of "small hearts").
After 5th small heart section, BO 4 sts at the beg of next 6 rows.
BO remaining stitches.

Pick up front stitches from holder.
Work in pattern until armhole measures 4 1/2 inches (just before first row of "small hearts").
Work 2 sts, BO middle 10 sts.

Front Left and Right (do for one side, then repeat for other):
Next row: k3tog, work row.
Then: k2tog at beg of every other row on the neck side 3 times.

Next row: BO 4 sts at the beg of every other row next 3 rows.
BO remaining stitches.

CO 30.
Work 10 rows in 1x1 rib.
Work remainder of sleeve in small hearts pattern.
Increase 1 st either side every 10 rows.
Work 70 rows.

Sleeve shaping:
BO 2 sts either side of next 2 rows.
Decrease one stitch either side every other row (RS) until 12 sts remain. BO.

Pick up stitches from around neck opening.
Work 3 rows in 1x1 rib.
BO with a stretchy BO.

Sew sleeves up and sew to sweater.
Wear ridiculous whale sweater and show to friends.


  1. Silly is the best word for this sweater. You're absolutely right. But I love it and that's the kind of thing I want to wear on weekends.

  2. Adorable! This is so cute, and so one of a kind. If I was in the business of handing out prizes, you would get one for sure.

  3. Oh my gosh this is so cute! I love the whales! Can't believe you drafted this yourself. Wonderful.

  4. That sweater is too freaking adorable!! I'd love it in a preppy navy blue and green combo...I just may have to whip one up now!

  5. What a fun sweater - cute!

  6. Very cute Ms. Meghan. Very talented, just like your mom!

  7. love it, the whales are darling!

  8. Very cute! What do you think about the Vanna's yarn?

    I have not yet tackled intarsia or sweaters, but it's imminent! I think I'm going to start on a sweater as a birthday gift to myself.

  9. Hi Julianne! The Vanna yarn is ok, but definitely not the nicest stuff out there. I use it for sweaters because it's cheap and easy, but some would prefer the nicer stuff out there!

  10. This is the most amazing sweater in the world!

    1. Thank you! I bust it out for special occasions!


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