Navajo Quilt Inspiration

Another quilt that has captured my imagination was this Navajo-inspired log cabin design. It seemed easy enough to make up with just squares, and some gingham + black has provided some funky inspiration:

My design

Wide Quilt Backing in Black + Printed Gingham Linen

Wide Quilt Backing in Black + Hill Farm Gingham

And here's the line drawing: 25 x 29 squares:

That's 725 squares: 344 gingham squares (47%) and 381 black squares (53%). So I will be ordering 5 yds of 108" black backing for the the black squares and the back, and 5.5 yards of 44" gingham for the other squares.

For other things you can create in Excel, check out this guy


  1. Oh excel! Advanced "quilting analysis". This is a fab design!

    1. I just checked out that link. WOW WOW! I thought I made pretty spreadsheets but that is just insane. Sharing with all my analyst friends now haha.


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