Wearing Me-Made Clothes :)

No new garment posts this week: I've come down with a cold and could neither photograph the one thing I have completed nor finish the other thing that I have started. I am happy to report, however, that the three non-pajama outfits that I did wear this week were very me-made!

I still have many things I'd like to make along my way to building my 'work' and 'fun' wardrobes, but I also get very excited whenever I realize that what I've chosen for the day is something I've made myself. I think it also helps to document it here so I can see what works for me!

Outfit 1: new (unblogged) cowl neck tee and red pants
Outfit 2: striped dress (chopped into a shirt several months ago) and flower pants
Outfit 3: circle skirt dress and coat

Knit tops and made-to-fit pants seem like the way to go for work, and a comfy-casual knit dress worked great for dinner. By the way, that coat and dress have been with me for about two years now, and get TONS of wear. I'm also hoping to make up some more pants that are even better suited for work soon, too. (I know, red and floral are a bit crazy for the office.)

And with that, I can already feel myself getting excited for Me Made May...


  1. I'm excited for me-made May too! It's getting to the point where I wear a me-made most days now without thinking twice about it, which is pretty cool. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Awww hope you feel better soon! So frustrating to be "out of commission" when you want to be sewing! These outfits are super cool and I would love to have them in my closet! I had to revisit your posts on the floral pants and coat b/c they are just so awesome! :)


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