Polka-Dotted Bralette

Pattern: my modified Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full-Band Bra #1200
Material: ponte and lace
Cost: $5

Today I'm posting the second of two bras I recently made in an attempt to fill out my bra collection. 

Now that I've got my pattern down, it is actually kind of fun to use all the supplies that I've gathered and play. This one is made in white ponte with a black, polka-dotted lace from Fabric.com (no longer available). The best part is that I had a matching fold-over elastic from my local Fabric Outlet for the inside. Isn't that fun

This one can't be worn under all my tops, but the colors make me so happy that I don't care. 

Here it is on. I may not have the biggest girls in town, but that's no reason that they shouldn't be the best-dressed! 


  1. Beaaautiful! You've definitely sold me on making my own bras too sometime.

  2. Super cute! Did you use the regular kind of ponte I'm thinking of or is there stuff specific for lingerie?

    1. Hi! I use regular ponte, which is why I call this more of a "bralette" than a bra (if that arbitrary difference holds any meaning...). I fit my pattern specifically for stretch fabrics, although the front band is cut perpendicular so that it doesn't stretch as much. I would like to try out a new pattern using "real" bra materials soon though!

  3. What an adorable bralette! The inside is probably the cutest inside of a bra I have ever seen. Great work.

  4. Super cute! I made my first bustier the other day and it has certainly encouraged me to have a go at making my own bras. Your creations convince me to have a go even more. Great work:)

  5. Very cute! You have done a great job with the bra. Any plans for matching panties yet? You might have a look at the free pattern from fehrtrade: http://www.fehrtrade.com/article/676/free-lacey-thong-panty-pattern


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