Theatric Adventures

Do you recognize this little guy? How about now? Well, the last couple of weeks I've been hanging out with my very talented friend from Pixar who's branching out on his own to make a short film! And I get to test out my chops as a costume designer ;)

I didn't quite know what to expect, but working on the costumes has been very interesting and VERY different from sewing. While I like to think that I know my own sense of style much better since I started sewing, thinking of the sartorial choices of a whole cast of characters is quite something else, especially when  you're working with someone else's vision. Luckily, I'm not sewing up the costumes, but rather shopping for and compiling outfits for the characters. It has totally stretched my skills in a whole new direction.

The short film, if you're curious, is a dramatic comedy about identical twin brothers reconnecting at the world's largest gathering of twins in Ohio. Yes, it's a movie about twins! Which means lots of fun double outfits, great costumes for the annual Twinsburg festival in Ohio, and lots of shopping. Check out the promo, below:

I hope to share some more about the different outfits and the inspiration behind each after we get everything together. They're headed off to Ohio on Tuesday to start shooting! In the meantime, if you are the sort of person who enjoys being a benefactor of the arts, they're still raising funds here

I hope to be back sewing soon (so many plans! so much fabric!), but for the mean time I am tired.

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