New Wardrobe Staple

Pattern: Sewaholic's Granville Shirt
Fabric: 2 yards cotton shirting
Cost: $20

While I usually don't have a problem getting rid of old clothes, there's one section of my closet I haven't been able to throw out: my button-front shirts. Most of them don't fit, have odd details, and hardly look professional, but without a suitable replacement I'd have nothing to wear when work called for it. It's sad to admit, but I've worn these shirts for far too long.

After trying out Sewaholic's Granville shirt, I knew it was time to start sewing up my own replacements. Enter my white button-front shirt, a wardrobe classic and much-needed addition to my closet. It replaces this sad shirt:

I know. It's amazing I even have a job. And while I've also officially started grad school now, it seems even more of a reason to have a well-fitting professional wardrobe. It's about time!

This pattern is designed to be fairly fitted, which makes it great for a work top. However, some of the parts ended up too fitted on me in my test version, namely across the upper back and sleeves. So, as noted in my last post, I made several tweaks to the pattern to improve the fit:

  • Graded from a 4 at the bust to an 8 at the waist and a 0 at the hip (I guess I'm not much of a pear shape after all!)
  • Graded sleeve side seam up about one size (to a 6), and added a pleat where the sleeve meets the cuff
  • Shortened sleeve by 2 1/2 inches - her fit model must be gangly!
  • Added 1/4" to 1/2" to the upper back princess seam to give more room across the back
  • Shortened hem by 1" at center front grading to size 0 line at the side, and shortened by 2" at center back. This is more of my personal preference for length.
Here is a pic of the back and the much-improved fit. Pardon the wrinkles, my iron needed to be cleaned and could not be trusted on a white shirt, which I have already worn to work. 

I am quite pleased with the results. There's still some drag lines at the bust, but overall it feels nice to wear and is comfortable all day, plus allows for plenty of movement. So now I can ride my bike, walk the dog, or hop on the train and still show up to work in style. 


  1. Looks great! and definitely looks better than the old one!

  2. Well now you just have to whip out a few more! :) Looks fantastic!

    Before learning to sew, I wanted button front shirts so badly, but alas, it was not to be. At times I would force it and buy one only to have to wear the top few buttons undone with a cami, or to have to layer it with a sweater or vest :)

    1. The sad part is that I could probably have bought new shirts, but I was just too stubborn. At least now the wait is over!

  3. A big improvement on that old shirt!

    Also your hair looks really great in these photos!

  4. I could NEVER own enough basic, white tops. They go with everything and at the end of the day, I never regret what I wore. I'm also hoping that the Sierra bra becomes a basic for you as well :)

  5. The shirt looks great! Huge improvement over the RTW one.

  6. Love the shirt and can't wait to see it in the double gauze.


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