End of May, Start of June

I participated in Me Made May this year, but did not do a lot of blogging about it. Part of the reason I think is that I didn't really challenge myself. I wear Me Made and second hand for most of my clothes most days, so there wasn't anything very new or exciting to blog about. I was also on a vacation from school, so many days there wasn't a formal outfit, even if I was wearing Me Made lounge wear or changing outfits for different activities.

I did, however, do a lot of fun things in Me Made clothes, and for me that's what sewing is ultimately all about. Here are some highlights from May, pulled from my phone and camera roll:

May 1, at-work selfie I sent to a friend in my BurdaStyle funnel neck top:

May 9 (Mother's Day!) dressed up with the family for the races in my Simplicity #4070 dress and Derby Day Hat, and Mr. Made's Casual Blazer and last-minute home-made neck tie:

May 10, picking up my new sewing machine at Sew Images in my floral blouse:

May 13, again at the office, with Beatrix Kiddo in a refashioned Tenacious D shirt:

May 14, camping in the El Dorado National Forest in my Paprika Jasper Tunic:

And Kiddo warming herself by the fire in her waterproof, fleece-lined camo camping jacket:

May 21, in Tahoe for a snowy wedding, again in my go-to Simplicity #4070 dress and very thankful for my fancy Simplicity wool jacket for the outdoor ceremony:

May 22, post-wedding hangover hike in the snow, with Mr. Made in one of my knitting projects for the semester:

And Kiddo getting more use out of her jacket (and loving the snow!):

May 28, back in the warm weather with a boat trip in the delta and an old striped dress hacked into a top:

May 30, at the Bernie rally in Oakland with press passes courtesy of Mr. Made and his work on Robert Reich videos, wearing my new t-shirt for BERNINA (BERNINA for Bernie?):


June for me will be all about work outfits. I'm starting a new internship today, and it is exciting to get dressed for a new job. I'm sure the office environment will be pretty casual, but I've been spending my time making some woven tops and slacks for the occasion. Any pattern recommendations for favorite work outfits?


  1. looks like you had a great month off from school etc - and now it's back to work? oh well a good excuse to make some new stuff :) Does your dog have a human sized wardrobe? cute.

  2. Yes back to work but feeling refreshed! And the dog has a LOT of clothes...


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