Orange is the New Black

As soon as I made my first Deer and Doe Sirocco, I knew I needed another one. Flattering, comfortable to wear, and as chic at a dinner out as it is on a night in, this jumpsuit has it all. Or, as my friend said, this outfit would feel equally welcome at anything from a wedding to a backyard BBQ. I literally find myself wearing it all the time. Especially as someone who works from home, it feels comfy but still put together.

Pattern: Deer and Doe's Sirocco
Fabric: brushed rayon knit
Cost: $60 

For this version, I wanted to go with an interesting color. I first tried to buy a jersey knit in a beautiful plum color, but there just wasn't enough left on the bolt. While at Stonemountain though, I had spied this gorgeous orange fabric. I hesitated because it is bright and was a bit spendier because I needed a lot of fabric. However, I have this orange University of Texas sweater that I just love with my coloring. I ended up back at Stonemountain the next day picking up 2.5 yards. It does look beautiful in the afternoon light, doesn't it?

I asked my husband if the color made me look too much like an escaped convict, but he gave me a pass. Maybe what Martha Stewart wore in jail? The lovely details like pleating and waist shaping help it steer clear from prison jumpsuit territory. As you can see, on this version I also added a waist tie. It is simply two ties that originate from the side seams. Functionally, they hold no purpose but they do help make it look more like a real wrap bodice and give it some added interest.

One of the reasons I love this pattern so much is that it fits me really well. I graded up through the waist and hips, but ended up grading the legs back down for this version. I also chopped off six inches at the hem. Almost everyone (including the pattern model) seems to wear their Siroccos rolled up at the hem. I decided to skip that step and just hem them to the correct length. Much better!

I wore my last Sirocco to a sewing meetup and ran into someone who was wondering about how much the fabric bags out after wear. Of course, this depends on the fabric, but I told her to get something with some Spandex in it and lots of stretch and she should be fine. If you're dubious, just know that I finished this version on a Saturday morning, popped them on, crawled around on the floor cutting out more fabric, did some light yoga, went to an outdoor concert, and photographed them Sunday afternoon. There is a little stretch that you can see at the knees, but all in all I think they hold up really well. Monday I wore them on a quick flight for work, making this the ultimate outfit.

Ok, enough gushing about this pattern. Have you made it up yet?

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the colour and the style. I haven't actually seen this pattern before and love the sound of a knit fabric jumpsuit.


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