Me Made May Week 1

Sunday: faded CCF Ginger Jeans and second-hand graphic tee at the beach
Monday: faded CCF Ginger Jeans and BurdaStyle wool cape; Beatrix is wearing her denim jacket
Tuesday: Paprika Jasper tunic and second-hand athletic leggings
Wednesday: floral Colette Clover pants and striped Bluegingerdoll Bonnie tee
Thursdayfaded CCF Ginger Jeans and second hand striped sweater
Friday: dark CCF Ginger Jeans, yellow BurdaStyle funnel neck top (unblogged) and Marilla Walker Freemantle coat; Beatrix is wearing her raincoat
Saturdaydark CCF Ginger Jeans and BurdaStyle wool cape

It's Me Made May again this year! Last year I wore entirely me-made outfits but this year I realized that I wear a lot of second-hand clothes and that's cool, too. I don't shop a lot (except for fabric!), but I get a lot of second-hand clothes at clothing swaps, from my mom, from friends who bought the wrong size, and even a few from Mr. Made's closet (see the graphic tee, above). So in addition to my handmade clothes, I'm spotlighting some of my second-hand finds this May.

This first week of May was my last week of school, so you'll see lots of comfy basics like my now-faded Ginger Jeans and Bluegingerdoll Bonnie tee. I also love my BurdaStyle wool cape for when I want to look dressed up for dinner but don't want to put a lot of thought into it. May is always an eclectic month for me, so in the coming weeks I'll also spotlight my derby outfit, camping, and wedding! And don't forget Beatrix, who loves dressing up just about as much as I do...


  1. I love the way you share your makes - the images really show off the clothes. I also wear a lot of second-hand and vintage clothes and I love the thrill of finding something perfect in a charity shop so I don't think I'll ever want to make 100% of my wardrobe, even if I could!
    That's so cool Beatrix is participating in MMMay too!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! Yes, why make everything when there's so much great stuff already out there!


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