Me Made May Week 1

Happy May! This year I am trying something a bit different for Me Made May. I have a lot of me-made clothes, so in past years it hasn't been too difficult to wear me-made or even entirely me-made for the month. This time, however, I just want to sit back and pay attention to what I wear. I've been reaching for whatever I usually would in my wardrobe and seeing how it matches up - to my style, to the look I want, and to whether it was made by me.

So far, the results have been interesting. In addition to me-made clothes, I have also been wearing a lot of second-hand or thrifted clothes. My friends host a lot of clothing swaps, and have found this is a great way to pick up extra items like basic tees or leggings. While I don't shop for clothes anymore, I have also found that the store-bought items that remain in my wardrobe have usually been mended or altered in some way by me. The black dress below, from Anthropologie, has been in my wardrobe for nearly a dozen years now, and benefitted from some repair at the hem and pockets.

It was also unseasonably warm this past week, so this roundup includes a lot of dresses! As usual for May, we have packed this month full of trips and celebrations and various things, so I get to show off what I'd wear camping or out with friends (why is this month always so busy?).  Below is what I wore for week 1.

Week 1 Clothes

Boyfriend jeans with second-hand shirt and scarf
Mended Anthropologie dress
Pink dress
Striped dress for work, followed by floral dress for a graduation celebration
Boyfriend jeans with another second-hand shirt and scarf
Striped sweater with tights

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