2018 Reflections

Well, another year has drawn to a close. Despite a terrible year politically here in the US (again), it was quite the joyous one personally. For those who have been following along, I spent most of the year making my wedding dress and other related goodies, but I also started a rewarding new job with some familiar faces in the nonprofit field and have enjoyed the opportunity for growth.

Looking over what I've made these past twelve months, I can see that these two events have given me lots of opportunities for sewing. I thought I might have fewer things to share this year because of all the hours spent on The Dress, but after combing through my projects all afternoon I realized that I have done quite a lot. This was largely aided by a big burst of sewing in the quiet time in December, where I cranked out some tops, a jacket, and some things for the Mr. that haven't even made it on the blog yet. I'm sharing my roundup below, with some reflection and thoughts at the end.

Wedding sewingFrom about February through the beginning of May, I worked on the final version of my wedding dress. It's not perfect but was such a great accomplishment and a fun new project to try. I also got swept up in wedding sewing, adding on five bridesmaids dresses, a rehearsal dinner dress, a dog tuxedo, some onesies, and a few other dresses for my friends' weddings this year.

  1. Rehearsal dinner dress
  2. Wedding dress
  3. Bridesmaids dresses
  4. Wedding onesies 
  5. Mexican-inspired embroidered dress
  6. Wedding guest dress
  7. Dog tuxedo 

Menswear: Maybe it's the newly-married life, but toward the end of this year I also got really into menswear sewing. I made the Mr. three new short-sleeved button-up shirts for his birthday, which I sewed in secret and barely finished on time. Then, after realizing that he doesn't pay the least bit of attention to what I'm sewing, I sewed up three more things for him as Christmas presents while he sat in the same room! I also sewed up two more game day shirts as wedding presents for others, and cut four more out to send to my mom for sewing. I wouldn't mind not seeing that bear fabric for a while.

  1. Three short sleeve shirts from BurdaSyle #7045 (unblogged)
  2. Game day shirts for everyone!
  3. Thread Theory Strathcona Henley (unblogged) 
  4. Thread Theory Finlayson Sweater (unblogged) 
  5. Traced Levi's 501 jeans (unblogged)
Tops: For myself, I made a lot of tops this year. They were a nice, easy palate cleanser after the intricacies of a wedding dress, and also much needed for my new work wardrobe where I spend most days working remotely and a few in more buttoned-up meetings with clients.

  1. Perth Top 
  2. Style Arc Madeleine 
  3. Embroidered Inari top 
  4. Floral New Look 
  5. T-shirt (unblogged)
  6. T-shirt (unblogged)
  7. T-shirt (unblogged)
  8. Inari crop top 
  9. Twist top (unblogged)
  10. A sneak-peak at a yet-to-be-released pattern
  11. Plaid shirt


Pants: And, of course, it wouldn't be another year without a roundup of pants. I absolutely love my maroon pants and I will be sharing the velvet beauties in a post soon.

  1. High-waisted jeans
  2. Velvet new years pants (unblogged)
  3. Maroon pants
  4. Work trousers

Outerwear: I rounded out the year with a bit of outerwear sewing and knitting, including some Halloween outer space outerwear!

  1. Hand-knit fall sweater
  2.  "Swacket" sweater jacket
  3. Halloween costumes
  4. Wool Ulysses trench (unblogged)
  5. A little something for Beatrix (unblogged)
Finally, I made a few little things for warm weather vacations this year, which I enjoyed immensely on our honeymoon in Mexico and my bachelorette in New Orleans. You can read about them here.


Looking back on the year, it is clear how I mark time, spread love, and commemorate events big and small through sewing. It was momentous to get to sew my wedding dress, but also meaningful to clothe myself daily in the things that I make. I sew when I'm happy, I sew when I'm lonely or sad, and I sew for others to tell them that I care. I'm quite sure that my bridesmaids could have bought their dresses and that the Mr. doesn't really need a handmade wardrobe, but it is my little way of saying that I care about them. And as for the rest of the items, it's how I care for myself in a busy, often chaotic world. Especially when I'm listening to NPR as I sew.

As for the new year, I do not like to make big plans. I am honestly a little baffled by the "make nine" trend. I would find it difficult to plan out my sewing in advance, and wouldn't really want to even if I could. New trends (and patterns!) pop up, inspiration strikes, and I love the flexibility of making something that captivates me at the moment. I of course have fabric stashed away for special as well as practical projects, but I would like to let things unfold at their own pace. So I shall start the new year with my experience behind me but open to the possibilities ahead.

I also have some posts planned of some of the unblogged items above, so look out for those, too. Happy new year everyone!


  1. I agree with just about everything you said in the last 2 paragraphs - including the sewing while listening to NPR (which for my mental state I sometimes need to turn off!) what a great sewing year, of course I love your wedding dress and other related projects but I particularly admire that blue dress with the embroidery - will always be a favorite. Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks for posting on FB for your mumsie to follow! I can't believe how MANY sewing projects you completed and so professionally even though you are working full time for the non profit. Congratulations on many levels! The wedding dress and embroidered black dress are AMAZING!


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